I will personally review your plan and provide notes once you complete the course.
All you need is the plan, the roadmap, and the courage to press on to your destination!

Earl Nightingale
Do You Know WHERE you want to go but  are not sure HOW to get there?
Roadmap is the answer!

I want to help you accomplish three vital tasks.

•  Make YOUR realistic plan of action
•  Know how to put YOUR plan to work
•  Stay on track as you work YOUR plan.

Before we begin, let me share the six changes Roadmap can make for you.

These changes are why I created Roadmap in the first place.

1. You will get out of bed knowing exactly what to do and what to avoid.

You will be able to say "no" to the shiny objects that flood your inbox every day.

You will be able to measure where you are supposed to be against where you actually are so you can know if you are making real progress or just kidding yourself.

4. ​​​​​​​
You will become crystal clear about the difference between activity and results, and know how to tell the difference.
You will never again worry that your family thinks you have lost your senses for trying to make a living on the Internet.

6. ​​​​​​​
Your plan will be reviewed by a seasoned professional who will provide insight and guidance.

If that sounds like what you want, keep reading.

Notice the emphasis on your plan.

Not a copy of my plan. Not a "clone" of some guru's plan. Your plan.

Why the emphasis on your plan?

Because if it's not your plan you won't follow through.

The fact is, following someone else's plan will not create the same results for us it did for that that person.

Because it is ... not ... our ... plan.

Your plan must include five key elements.

These are key principles that work across niches, personality types and levels of experience.

Leave one out and success will be elusive.

Include all five and your work will seem like play while you create a real online business that can sustain you for years.

If you want to know more, read the rest of this page.

If you know you need help, and want my help, order now.

And remember, I will review your plan personally and provide insights to help you stay on track.

What are the five elements you must 
have for your plan to succeed?


​​​​​​​Have you ever heard this? "Do what you love and the money will come!"

That is not entirely true ... and we both know it.

I love playing golf but at over 60 years old, there is no way I can make a living playing golf!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​But I do love it.

What I COULD do is this ... I can easily find a way to make money around the topic of golf.

But not by playing golf.

And playing golf is my true passion.

I think the saying should be, "Find a topic you love and you can make money from that topic (or niche)."

Not as sexy, but certainly more accurate.

The goal of Roadmap is to help you discover HOW to make a living from the topics you love.


​​​​​​​What in the world does "your positioning" mean?

It means this - before you spend your time or money trying to establish an online business you need to decide what TYPE of business it will be.

Will you be an affiliate, a product creator, or both?
​​​​​​​Will you write fresh content or play the role of a reporter and curate great content?

Will you sell information products, physical products, or both?

Will you need a blog or want to do content marketing?
Will you create digital products?

If you create products, will you want affiliates to drive traffic for you?

And just as important as these questions is this mega question ...

Do you know what it takes to succeed in the area you choose and are you willing to pay the price for success?

Roadmap will help clarify each of these areas, and more.


Now that you know what you want to accomplish, it's time to decide how you will deliver what you will sell.

You see, even if you decide to be an affiliate marketer using a blog to promote, you will have to deliver content.

And if you decide you want to create your own product?

Then you need to know the best way to deliver that product without working 18 hour days.

There are important decisions to be made here, such as ...

•  ​​​​​​​Should you have a membership site?
•  How can you protect yourself if you are selling a downloadable product?

​​​​​​​•  How can you make a PDF file if you want to deliver written products?

•  ​​​​​​​How do you make and show videos if you create a video course?

By the time you finish Roadmap, and review your plan with me, you will know all this and more!


Once you know your Purpose, Positioning and Packaging, it's time to build your Platform.

Your Platform is exactly what it sounds like - the stage on which you stand to broadcast your message to the world.

For some, that is a blog.

For others, that is a podcast.

For still others, it is writing a book and putting it on Amazon for sale.

For many people it is a combination of those methods and more.

But how will you know which method is right for you?

After all, you can easily waste huge amounts of time learning these things only to discover they are not right for you!

How many times have you been told that you "need" to do one of these things?

Set up a blog.
Create a podcast.
Have a vibrant social media presence.
•  ​​​​​​​
Build a list.
Automate your email marketing.
​​​​​​•  ​
Have a sales funnel.
Track and split test everything.
Get published on leading authority blogs.
Get interviewed about your expertise.

Here's the problem.

These methods CAN work but can they work for you?

Will they work in YOUR niche, with YOUR personality, with YOUR technical skills?

It's all too easy for the "gurus" to say that you NEED to make videos (or have a podcast) without taking into consideration that MOST people do not want to be on camera!

What you need is to choose methods that work with YOUR plan and YOUR personality.

And Roadmap will help you do that. And I will help too with my personal review of your plan.


And now it's time for traffic. You will instantly notice that this step comes last.

That is by design.

You see, no one really has a traffic problem.

Google, Facebook and the other giants all have lots of traffic they are willing to share or sell.

What people have is a mismatch between traffic sources and what they are trying to accomplish.

Let me give you an example.

I am often asked "are solo ads the best way to promote?"

As the owner of the Directory of Ezines you might expect me to say "heck yes!"

But I don't do that.

Because solo ads are not right for some products. And they are right for others.

If you have an Amazon store, solo ads are a bad fit.

But if you have a health site, or a business opportunity, or are selling travel, solo ads are a good fit.

These just partial examples of the fact that traffic sources must be matched to your plan and your budget.

For every traffic source out there you will find good fits and bad fits.

And for every offer out there you will find traffic sources that work and traffic sources that just don't work for that offer.

The key is to choose the traffic source that fits YOUR niche and YOUR offer and ... and this is a big one ... YOUR budget.

Roadmap will help you do that.

And my personal review will help you choose the best of the best traffic sources while ignoring the "shiny objects" that land in your inbox.

What exactly will you receive?

You will receive Lifetime access to my entire Common Sense Success Roadmap Course.

You will also receive all updates and upgrades to the site as years go by.

After all, the world changes and our plans must be modified to fit what's working now.

In addition, you will get a thorough review of your plan by me.

In the past 17+ years I have gone from being in desperate straights to owning 16 membership sites and being a well-respected authority in my field.

I say this not to brag but to say that well made plans that are well executed bring results.

Even for high-school graduates like me!

You will find the site easy to use. 

In fact, here is what you will see when you log in.

Simple, straightforward modules that take you step-by-step through my proven process.

What is the price today?

Because I sell memberships for a living I know I could offer Roadmap for $497 and make sales.

After all, my time alone is worth $500 per hour and you get a personal review (with follow up) from me.

Not a staffer or an apprentice ... me personally.

So charging $297 or $197 would make this a no-brainer.

Even if you only wanted the review you are getting a $500 value.

But you will get SO much more value from Roadmap than even the review will provide.
•  You will get clear thinking.

•  You will have more peace of mind knowing that you are following a great plan that YOU made.

​​​​​​​•  You will be able to avoid the many temptations (shiny objects) that arrive in your inbox.

​​​​​​​•  You will be energized because now you've got your plan of action!

​​​​​​​•  You will show the naysayers in your life that you are serious about your business, a real business, and forever silence the doubters and critics and you achieve success on your own terms.

​​​​​​​•  And you will accomplish more!

Because I want everyone to be able to access this information I am offering Roadmap for a one-time fee of only $97.

This will put the course within anyone's reach, which means helping the most people possible. A win-win.

$97 one time and you have access to Roadmap for life, including the updates and upgrades we do along the way.

And that price DOES include my personal review of your plan.

When you consider that I charge $500 for one hour of consulting, and that it takes me about an hour to review your plan, visit your site (if applicable) and make recommendations, you can see this personal review alone is a massive value.

For the sake of clarity, here is how the personal review works.
1. ​​​​​​​
Complete the Roadmap modules.
Create your plan using our guidelines.
Send me the plan for review.
I will review your plan and respond via email with notes and suggestions.
If you have questions about my review you will be free to ask them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to spend money to do what you suggest?

That will be up to you. But spending money on things like traffic or a blog are not required in what I teach.

That said, and depending on YOUR goals and desires, doing things like buying traffic or establishing a blog might be recommended.

But they will never be required.

Do I need a list of my own to do this?

No. Roadmap is about making a solid plan of action so you can stay on track to your goal.

So you don't need a list to "do" the course.

But if you do have a list, we will discuss how to leverage that to your advantage as part of your plan.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Of course. At anytime during the first 30 days of your membership you can request a refund if you feel Roadmap is not for you.

Please note that refunds will not be allowed after you have received the review of your plan, no matter how quickly that happens.

I have this policy in place because I am spending my personal time on your plan, which I can never recover.

How long will it take to complete the course?

That depends on how take the course.

If you "binge watch" the videos you can see them all in a couple of days.

But I do not recommend that.

I recommend taking about a week to do the course at a more thoughtful pace. But it's up to you!

Does this include consulting with you?

It does not. My consulting sells at $500 per hour and I always sell out.

It does include my personal review of your plan and my notes and suggestions.

Once you receive my review you can reply and ask questions about your plan and the review.

How soon will I make money with this?

Roadmap is not a "make money now" product and I am not guaranteeing you will make any money as a member of Roadmap.

In my experience, the #1 thing that stops people from making money online is their desire to make money now without having a sound plan of action.

The result is they hop from one "opportunity" to another, never achieving success.

Roadmap is designed to solve that problem by helping you create a plan you can follow while avoiding the distractions of the get rich quick crowd.​​​​​​​


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